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Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information regarding our landscaping solutions. Our team are always eager to handle any questions you may have!

At Roman Building and Landscapes, we design gardens across Newport and Cardiff that match the Roman standard for grandeur and beauty. With a wealth of knowledge across all aspects of the landscaping industry, we work with the latest in landscaping technology and material to create outstanding, contemporary spaces.

A landscape should complement your home – after all, it is an essential part of your very own domus. We craft this liveable space using a variety of hardscaping techniques: patios, porches and summer houses are all features we can implement in your back garden.

A well-installed patio from professionals such as us can elevate the appearance of your garden; we pride ourselves on raising the quality of your landscape to godly levels! Extend your living space outdoors with our porcelain tiles or natural sandstone, sure to seamlessly blend with the aesthetic of your property.

Porches are also brilliant for expanding your home into the wilds of nature. Surround yourself with flowers and sunlight on a porch where you can relax the days away.

We uphold the highest of standards when it comes to structural integrity and locally-sourced material. Aside from our beautiful porches, our summer houses and sheds are also built to last; even able to sustain electrics, so you can enjoy your outdoor escape all year round!

Our landscaping process begins with an in-depth consultation. Discuss your inspiration and wants with us, and we’ll bring them into reality. Our designers are passionate about delivering a reliable and honest service – our quotes are accurate and we won’t ever leave you baffled or overwhelmed with our landscaping installation. With an innate sense of spatial organisation and wide-ranging knowledge of complimentary flora, there’s no landscape we can’t transform.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information regarding our landscaping solutions. Our team are always eager to handle any questions you may have!

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Here at Roman Building & Landscapes we are well versed in all aspects of GARDEN LANDSCAPING. We provide LANDSCAPING SERVICES that will withstand time and the adverse weathers of Newport, Cardiff and the South Wales coast. We take pride in being able to provide you with a beautiful garden that compliments not only your home, but you aswell. Assisted by our GARDEN DESIGN SERVICES that we offer, you will have complete control over how your garden looks and feels before we even begin. More importantly we can design your garden based off the most important aspect, your budget. We can share ideas, alternative materials and techniques to make sure your garden is delivered on time and within budget.

GARDEN LANDSCAPING is our passion and our LANDSCAPING SERVICES that we provide are fast becoming sought after in Newport and Cardiff. We have a proven track record in delivering affordable fully landscaped gardens and along with our GARDEN DESIGN SERVICES, we are able to deliver you the garden you have exactly invested in.





At this first important stage, we can discuss your ideas and requirements and start to professionally design your project.


Once designs are approved, we can complete your project using the best products, tools expertise and techniques.


Once 100% satisfied, your home or garden is now complete and ready for you to enjoy for years to come.